Hi, I’m Liza. I can teach you how to lose weight, reduce pain and have more energy while still enjoying steak and beer with THE TRADIE CHALLENGE

Everyone wants to feel healthy, but how? You want to work hard to provide for your family and still have the energy after work to kick a footy around. And you want be around for your kids and grandkids.

But.. you don’t know what you are supposed to eat to lose weight, you don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym and you don’t have the time to go and see a weight loss professional.

I have the answer, I’ll help you learn what foods suit YOUR body and when you should eat them. I’ll provide daily support and motivation with just 5 minutes a day.


Welcome to the Tradie Challenge!

My program has helped many men reach their weight loss goals. Clients not only lose fat, they improve their sleep, have more energy, a better sex life, lose their beer belly and so much more.


 Why you need to join the Tradie Challenge

  • You work your ass off doing physically demanding work and yet the weight still creeps up every year – The Tradie Challenge will teach you how to get to your goal weight and stay there, by giving you a realistic eating plan that you can stick with for life.
  • You’re getting more aches, pains and sore joints that won’t go away – I can prescribe you natural supplements to help with pain, inflammation, sleep or energy until your body gets healthy.
  • Do you miss being active and feeling good about yourself? – Once you drop some kg’s and start fueling your body right, you will have more energy and feel more comfortable in your clothes.
  • Maybe you tried the shakes, they worked but the weight came back – There’s as much nutrition in those shakes as an apple.. seriously, I’ve done the research. They are too low in calories to fuel a working man and they are not sustainable long-term.
  • You know that smart people use a qualified expert to get the job done  properly! – You’ve probably fixed someone’s bodgy DIY job, they should have called in a Tradie from the start and saved their time and money. Think of me as a little Tradie in your pocket!



Why will the Tradie Challenge work for me?

Because it’s about having real food and it’s tailored to a Tradie’s busy work schedule. You’ll get access to my Coaching app where you can check in when it suits you.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge is ongoing and you will start as soon as you complete your first appointment with me.

Can I still have a few drinks?

YES! I believe in balance and still enjoying a social life. I’ll teach you which drinks are a better choice (and which supplements clean your liver!)

 What’s the food like?

  • I use Low Carb or Keto meal plans, but you can still have bread, beer and potatoes
  • Lots of meat to keep you full so you can work hard
  • Some vegetables and a bit of fruit.. not all rabbit food!
  • I’ll teach you what to pack in your esky for when your on the tools all day
  • Learn what to buy for lunch and smoko when you’re on the go
  • Regular meals that you can eat with your family
  • I’ll teach you what to choose when you eat out
  • Optional frozen meal ideas if that works for you 


Rob - ACT
“My doctor told me I had a fatty liver and would have diabetes soon if I didn’t change my diet. I signed up for 12 weeks and my doc can’t believe it. I would have done this years ago if I had of known how easy it was going to be.
Matt - South Coast
As a builder, I was always physical, I hardly ate during the day, drank heaps of coffee, and didn’t eat a lot of rubbish, don’t get me wrong, I loved my food, loved to cook, loved a wine or two, but it was always good food and was always in moderation. So the reason why my weight kept climbing was a mystery to me and a major source of my low self esteem.
Liza taught me that ‘diet’ was a dirty word, and that I needed to get my body working how it should be, in order to loose weight and keep it off. She tailored a program to suit me, showed me the foods that worked for me, and taught me to listen to my body. 
For the first time in my life, I feel awesome. I wake up refreshed, have a new spring in my step and as a bonus, I’m losing weight!  So far I’ve lost over 20kg’s and am over half way to my goal. If you’re looking for a realistic, sustainable way to feel great and extend your life, I couldn’t recommend Liza highly enough.
Mark - Sussex inlet
“I tried the man shakes last year but I was always hungry so I gave up. A mate recommended Liza because he lost weight and was allowed beer. She gave me heaps of food (not rabbit food) and I lost 12kg of fat. My sleep is heaps better and I ‘m back playing footy again”.

This isn’t just another “drink shakes”  “100 crunches”  or “count calories” program.

This is learning how to eat good food that suits your body.

How does the Tradie Challenge work?

  • You book in your initial 1 hour appointment with me. You can come to the Husky clinic or we can do it by phone or Zoom.  I’ll get your health history, your data from my BIA machine (if you come to the clinic), I’ll learn how your schedule works and what food you like to eat
  • I’ll then write you a personalised meal plan and send it to you, this takes me 5-7 days
  • You’ll be set up on my Coaching app where you’ll get quick daily tips, recipes and motivation sent to you to keep you on track. You can even chat to the other guys in the Tradie Challenge if you like
  • You can ask me questions via the app anytime
  • I’ll message you weekly asking for your weight or other changes
  • If you’d like to come to the clinic to check your progress, weigh-ins are 4pm – 6pm Mondays, no appointment needed and no charge, just drop in after work
  • You stay in the Challenge for as long as you need.. some guys only need 6 weeks and some need 6 months. There’s no lock-in contracts, just pay as you go.

The Keto Naturopath
The Keto Naturopath
For every Tradie Challenge sign up, I will donate $30 to The Men’s Table – a place where men can find, build and also provide positive and supportive male relationships.

The Tradie Challenge sounds awesome, how much does it cost?

  •  Your initial 1 hour appointment is $300, this includes me writing your meal plan.
  • Then it’s just $30 a week for ongoing personalised coaching via the app, payable via direct debit.


Sign me up! What do I do now?

Click here to book in your first 1 hour appointment. Choose the location first (in the Huskisson clinic or online over Zoom), then select “Tradie Challenge – First appointment”

Please have have your credit/debit card ready to pay a deposit of $120

mens weight loss

Do you have any questions? Check out my FAQ’s below.

If you have a specific question that I haven’t answered (or just want to check that I’m not a robot overseas), book in a 10 min chat with me. When we both agree that the Tradie Challenge is right for you, I’ll book in your first appointment.


What is the best diet for men's weight loss?
The one that you will stick to! That’s why shakes or low calorie diets don’t work long term.

Can I still eat out or drink alcohol?
Yes! One of your lessons will explain what to order confidently when eating out. When I write your meal plan, I can factor in alcohol in your plan.

I don't have much time to cook, can I still do this?
Yes! I aim to make your program EASY. I give you simple, quick recipes and meal ideas.

Do I have to drink shakes?
Nope! Real food is always better, I know I’d rather eat a steak with butter and salt.. mmm.. But if you do want shakes, I can put them in your meal plan and recommend some good brands.

What if I don't like the food on the meal plan?
This will never happen because I give you a list of foods to choose from and you decide what to eat. Easy!

Will I have to cook separate dinners to the rest of my family?
No way! All of your meals are adaptable, you may need to swap 1 or 2 things to make the family meal fit your plan.

What is a Naturopath and how does that help me?
A Naturopath helps people with their health issues using diet and natural medicine. We can prescribe supplements to help your body heal without using prescription meds.

Will supplements help you lose weight?
Kinda. I don’t usually prescribe fat burners, but I do prescribe supplements if you are deficient and that’s what’s stopping your body from being healthy.

What causes beer belly?
Usually by eating too many carbohydrates. Your body converts them to fat and stores them for energy to be used later when there’s a famine. problem is, the famine never comes!

How much weight will I lose?
The truth is, you probably won’t lose much in the first few weeks as your body is doing a lot of work inside, setting up new systems, cleaning out your liver and learning how to use fat as a new fuel. If your body has a lot of healing to do, it may take even longer. Some weeks you may lose more, some weeks less.. just remember that weight loss may be slower because you are losing fat, but it’s usually permanent.

How can I get rid of man boobs?

By lowering your body fat, and you do that by sticking to a weight loss program that you enjoy.

Can I cancel the direct debit anytime?
Yes. You’ll just need to give me 2 weeks notice.

I have more questions before I commit
No problem! Feel free to book in a phone call with me. Just go to my booking page here: https://app.simpleclinic.net/public/diary/index/ZY6 and select “PHONE – Complimentary 10 min chat” You can also email me at: easyketo@jervisbaynaturopathy.com.au

What is your refund policy?
  • If you change your mind after your first 1 hour consultation, there’s nothing more to do.
  • There are no refunds after I have written your meal plan.

Please read my full Terms & Conditions here: https://www.jervisbaynaturopathy.com.au/terms-conditions/