Hi, I’m Liza the Keto Naturopath, a certified keto coach in Australia.

I teach people who are fed up with being sick, tired and overweight, to finally achieve their optimal health without sacrificing the foods they love.

I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Ketogenic Health & Weight Loss Coach. To learn more about me click here. 

You’re here because you are..
  • Fed up with struggling to lose weight and then see it just come back again
  • Confused with all the conflicting diet information online
  • Sick of being tired, exhausted, bloated or fuzzy headed
  • Thinking it’s time you got help from an expert.
I know exactly how you feel and I can help you.

As a Naturopath and Ketogenic Weight Loss Coach, I can help you learn what foods suit YOUR body, when is the best time to eat for YOUR body, teach you how to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off forever!

The Keto Naturopath

Step 1

Read through this page

Read the details below along with the FAQ’s to see if my Easy Keto program is what you are looking for.

There’s a free Keto Factsheet that you can download and a short video below explaining the program.


Step 2

Book in a free 10 minute chat

We can discuss your goals and I can answer any questions you may have about the Easy Keto program. We can also see if we’re a fit before you commit to the program.

Step 3

Start your weight loss journey!

The program is delivered all over Australia,  either in my Huskisson clinic or online via zoom and includes a personalised keto meal plan, a pathology analysis report, 1:1 Naturopathic Keto coaching, weekly lessons, recipes, tips and more.


Welcome to Easy Keto.

At the end of this program you will:
  • understand how keto works and what is happening to your body
  • have more time in your day to do what you love doing
  • also enjoy having more natural energy
  • know how to whip up quick & easy keto meals
  • learn which foods make you gain weight or make you unwell
  • as a result, sleep much better
  • be in control of your weight and health for ever
  • feel confident knowing what to order when you eat out
  • also learn how to get back into ketosis within 24hrs after a slip-up
  • find out which alcoholic drinks are best to have on a keto plan
  • know how to modify family meals to make them keto
  • ultimately be happy knowing that you will NEVER have to go on a diet again!
 What you’ll receive:
  • To begin, Initial 60 min appointment so I can  get a full picture of your health
  • Following this, a 30 min appointment 1 week later, where you will receive your personalised meal plan and any supplement recommendations. I will explain everything and answer any questions
  • In addition,  a detailed naturopathic pathology report from your most recent blood tests
  • Access to the Easy Keto coaching app. This is your education hub where you will find  a wealth of information about how our bodies function, lots of EASY recipes, shopping suggestions..  all the information you will need in one place
  • For ongoing support, we will have weekly 1:1 check-in appointments to keep you accountable. These can be face-to-face, via Zoom or telephone
  • In addition to the check-in appointments, you’ll benefit from unlimited email support
  • You’ll have the advantage of receiving guidance from a qualified Australian keto coach and nutritionist.
  • Lastly, you’ll have access to “Practitioner Only” supplements, further enhancing your journey to better health.


If you’re not quite sure what keto is or how it works, take a look at my video “How to lose weight”

“I’ve been meaning to send you an email to update you and to let you know how you’ve changed my life. You are absolutely amazing and your knowledge and ability to explain things in a way that leads your clients to their goals is appreciated. Since working with you, I’ve lost about 18-19 kilograms and I still can’t believe it. My husband started eating keto to support me and although he was extremely healthy, he still managed to lose weight and lean out even more. I feel like my old self again and am able to balance exercise with diet in an effective way. Before working with you, I felt hopeless and helpless, as nothing I tried worked. You’ve given me the feeling of control again and the ability to make diet choices that I know will actually produce results. I went on vacation this summer, and after gaining some weight, I still felt confident in my ability to alter my diet to get back to where I wanted to be: and within a few weeks, I weighed less than even before. Besides the weight loss, I feel healthier, more confident, and happy. I truly appreciate you and what you do. You helped me realize that my health wasn’t a lost cause. Thank you so very much. 

Natalie – South Korea

“My doctor told me I had a fatty liver and would have diabetes soon if I didn’t change my diet. I signed up to Easy Keto for 12 weeks and my doc can’t believe it, I would have done this years ago if I had of known how easy it was going to be.

Rob – ACT

“This program was so easy for me to follow because Liza tailored the plan aroind my shift-work. The online videos and lessons helped me to understand how my body works. Not only am I losing around 1kg per week, but my sleep is now so much better.

Sharon – Bondi, NSW

“6 weeks in and I have lost 6.5 kilos – all fat – no muscle loss, my biological age is now in line with my natural age, water content is up and I’ve learned to listen to my body. I don’t eat out of habit any more , only when I’m hungry. Also, I don’t need the same quantity of food and I’ve adapted to intermittent fasting which my body seems to respond really well to. I still have a way to go, but I feel confident I can achieve my goals on my own now. Thanks Liza.

Clare – Berry

“I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of food I was allowed.  At first, it was a lot of food.  I have never been a breakfast lover and Liza worked this into my program.  I’ve lost 9.7kg during my program.  Now I am on my own, but feel more confident than I have before that I can stick with it, but know I can book in with Liza if I feel the need with any future struggles.“.


7 months after Easy Keto –
l had a 18th birthday to go to and needed a new outfit…. l got size 12 jeans!! And a size 10 shirt – thanks to you. !!
Yes I have my stray days / weeks but l have the tools to put me back on track … not just to loose weight but to generally feel WELL, tummy and mind. Keto is still in my life everyday. Guess its proof that its not a quick fix , a year later l’m still understanding my body at a deeper level and how it reacts to what l put in and how l feel… not just quickly shed pounds before summer. Im so glad l chose this path to better health.  xx


“I would like to express my gratitude to Liza for her help in my weight loss journey. I signed on 6 weeks ago and have found the program easy and effective. Liza has been a constant support by providing guidance with our weekly check-ins and through regular emails. I have felt extremely comfortable with this program and will continue until I have reached my goal weight. I would definitely recommend Liza if you are thinking of a weight loss regime”.

Ann – Jervis Bay

“ I tried the man shakes last year but I was always hungry so I gave up. A mate recommended Liza because he lost weight and was allowed beer. She gave me heaps of food (not rabbit food) and I lost 12kg of fat. My sleep is heaps better and I ‘m back playing footy again”.

Mark – Sussex Inlet

“I had started the Keto diet by myself and failed, I was feeling very unmotivated and unhappy. Thank you Liza for your guidance and our little talks that have help me stay on course with the diet. The best part was learning and understanding the program with Liza and having her help to adapt suitable food to adjust to my lifestyle. What a difference it makes mentally when you start to gradually see your body changing shape. Thanks Liza”

Marilyn – Huskisson

“The program was so easy to follow and being tailor made – it suited me down to the ground so us something I will be continuing.“.


Ms D – Vincentia

Throughout the years, I had tried all kinds of diets… the soup diet, weight watchers, sure slim etc. On all these programs I initially lost weight, but then it would level off. Once that happened, motivation would be lost, and then inevitably the weight would creep back till I was back to where I started or even worse off.
Liza taught me that ‘diet’ was a dirty word, and that I needed to get my body working how it should be, in order to loose weight and keep it off. She tailored a program to suit me, showed me the foods that worked for me, and taught me to listen to my body and to feed it when it was hungry… not eat to a program.
For the first time in my life, I feel awesome. I wake up refreshed, have a new spring in my step and as a bonus, I’m losing weight! Sure, it’s not dropping off me in kilos at a time, but it is dropping at a healthy rate. And when I fell off the wagon for a while when my little girl was born, I didn’t gain any weight because I had taught my body to work the way it was designed to. So far I’ve lost over 20kg’s and am over half way to my goal.
But more importantly, I feel unreal and I’m not focused on weight loss, I’m just focused on the journey. If you’re looking for a realistic, sustainable way to feel great and extend your life, I couldn’t recommend Liza highly enough.

Matt – South Coast

Firstly what a magnificent place to have an office with amazing views of Jervis Bay…  I was greeted by Liza with a warm smile and lovely cup of herbal tea. We spoke about my expectations and goals re my health and weight loss. I felt at total ease and knew that I was in good hands straight away. Liza helped me to understand the keto diet and she has been a wealth of knowledge and guidance for me over the past 11 weeks. I have lost 12.2 kgs and feel fantastic. I have found the keto diet quite easy to follow thanks to Liza and highly recommended Liza as your Ketogenic Health and Weight Loss Coach. 
Thank you Liza for helping me. I could not have done this without you”.


Mel – Vincentia

“I used to be fit and healthy but knee sugery meant a new desk job and no sport, so the weight started piling on. I don’t like cooking much so Liza wrote a plan for me that had simple meals and she even told me which frozen dinners to buy. I’m amazed that I’m still losing weight and I haven’t set foot in a gym.”

Richard – VIC

Easy Keto is a practitioner guided program for people who are struggling with their health and weight loss.

There are 2 program options:

Keto program 6 weeks
Keto program 12 weeks
"Do I need the 6 or 12 Week Program?"

The 6 week program is suitable for relatively healthy people who have less than 5kg to lose.

If you have a few health conditions or more than 5kg to lose, the 12 week program is better suited.

Currently serving Self-managed and Plan-managed NDIS Participants
I’m in! What happens now?

If you know that my program is exactly what you need, you can book in your “Easy Keto First Consultation” here:


If you’re still not sure or have a few questions (or just want to check that I’m not a weirdo), book in a 10 min chat with me. When we both agree that the Easy keto program is right for you, I’ll book in your first appointment.

Frequently asked questions

What makes this program different from other online keto programs?

Most online programs are just a computer algorithm which gives everyone the same meal plan. My plans are tailored to each persons health and lifestyle, and you choose the foods you want to eat. And because I am also a qualified Naturopath, I will factor in your personal health issues.

Why do I need an Australian keto coach?
Most keto programs are not Australian, the food lists and recipes can be very different to what you are used to eating. Also, my program is charged in AUD not USD. (Beware of overseas websites that just put an AU in their website address). We can also chat on the phone if needed.
Can anyone do this program?
It is not recommended to start a new keto program if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. My program is not suitable for vegans. If you are unsure whether my program is suitable for you, just email me at easyketo@jervisbaynaturopathy.com.au
What happens once I enrol?
When you enrol, you will book in your first consultation where I will ask you lots of questions to get a good picture of your health. Then I can begin working on your personalised meal plan. This takes me 5-7 days to complete. You will also get access to the Easy Keto Portal where you find all of the information you need to get started. New lessons will be added each week.  
Can my spouse do this with me?
They sure can, in fact it makes cooking dinner eaier if they do. There are a few different options, I can write them a meal plan like yours and then they are on their own. Or they can do the whole program and weekly check-ins with you. Book in a chat and we can go over the different pricing options.
Do I have to buy supplements?
Not if you don’t want to. There are a few basics that I recommend most people take, but they are optional. If you have health issues, I may recommend some Practitioner Only naturopathic supplements to help your body heal.
What if I have special dietary needs?

I will factor them in to your plan! I give you lists of foods to choose from and YOU decide what you want to eat.

How much weight will I lose?
The truth is, you probably won’t lose much in the first few weeks as your body is doing a lot of work inside, setting up new systems, cleaning out your liver and learning how to use fat as fuel. If your body has a lot of healing to do, it may take even longer. Some weeks you may lose more, some weeks less.. just remember that weight loss on keto is slower because you are losing fat, but it’s usually permanent.
Can I still eat out or drink alcohol?
Yes! One of your lessons will explain what to order confidently when eating out. When I write your meal plan, I can factor in alcohol in your plan.
I don't have much time to cook, can I still do this?

Yes! I aim to make your program EASY. Your program includes simple, quick recipes and meal ideas.

Do I need to enter my food into a tracker?
No. I will give you the amounts of food you should eat at each meal.. no counting or apps required. Easy!
What if I don't like the food on the meal plan?
This will never happen because I give you a list of foods to choose from and you decide what to eat. Easy!
Do you have a payment plan?

Sure do!

 Pay $300 deposit and then $100 per week until the program is paid off.

Afterpay is available in-clinic only.

I have more questions before I commit
No problem! Feel free to book in a phone call with me. Just go to my booking page here: https://app.simpleclinic.net/public/diary/index/ZY6 and select “PHONE – Complimentary 10 min chat” You can also email me at: easyketo@jervisbaynaturopathy.com.au
What is your refund policy?
If you change your mind, I offer a full 100% refund up until 24hrs after I have received your intake questionnaire. After that time, work will have begun on your plan and you are no longer entitled to a full refund if you change your mind. Please read my full Terms & Conditions here: https://www.jervisbaynaturopathy.com.au/terms-conditions/

Are you ready to finally learn how to eat right for your body?