As a certified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Ketogenic Health Coach, I combine modern science with natural health to help you control your Type 2 Diabetes for good.
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Research indicates that a carefully designed Ketogenic diet can be beneficial in managing type 2 diabetes. Join my Easy Keto for Type 2 Diabetes program to guide your body into a state of nutritional ketosis and finally gain control over your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Can A Ketogenic Diet Help?

Blood Sugar Control: A ketogenic diet typically involves a significant reduction in carbohydrates and an increase in fats. This can lead to lower blood sugar levels because carbohydrates are the primary source of glucose, and reducing their intake can help manage blood sugar levels.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity: The ketogenic diet has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity. When the body is in a state of ketosis, it relies on fat for fuel instead of glucose. This can reduce the need for insulin, improving the body’s response to the hormone and aiding in better blood sugar control.

Weight Loss: Many individuals with type 2 diabetes are overweight and weight loss is often beneficial for managing the condition. The ketogenic diet, by promoting the burning of stored fat for energy, can contribute to weight loss, which, in turn, can improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.

Stable Energy Levels: The consistent energy supply from fat metabolism can result in more stable energy levels throughout the day, reducing the likelihood of energy crashes that may prompt unhealthy eating habits.

Reduced Inflammation: Some studies suggest that a ketogenic diet may have anti-inflammatory effects. Chronic inflammation is associated with insulin resistance, and by reducing inflammation, the diet may contribute to improved insulin sensitivity.


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  • Ketone Bodies as an Alternative Fuel Source – In a ketogenic diet, the body produces ketone bodies (such as beta-hydroxybutyrate) as an alternative energy source when glucose availability is restricted. The brain can efficiently use ketones for energy, which may be beneficial in conditions where there is impaired glucose metabolism or utilisation.
  • Reduced Oxidative Stress – A ketogenic diet has been associated with reduced oxidative stress, which is believed to contribute to neurodegenerative conditions. Ketones have been suggested to have antioxidant properties, helping to counteract oxidative damage in the brain.
  • Enhanced Mitochondrial Function: Ketones may enhance mitochondrial function, which is crucial for the production of energy within cells. Improved mitochondrial function can contribute to overall cellular health and may be particularly relevant in conditions characterised by mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects – Ketogenic diets have been reported to have anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is implicated in various neurological conditions, and reducing inflammation may help mitigate the progression of certain diseases.
  • Neuronal Stability – The metabolic state induced by a ketogenic diet can stabilise neuronal activity. This stabilisation may be beneficial in conditions like epilepsy, where abnormal neuronal firing patterns can lead to seizures.
  • Neuroprotection – Ketones have been suggested to offer neuroprotection, meaning they may help protect neurons from damage or degeneration. This property is of interest in conditions associated with neuronal loss, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
The Keto Naturopath

The program is delivered all over Australia,  either in my Huskisson clinic or online via zoom. It includes a personalised meal plan, 1:1 Naturopathic Keto coaching appointments, meal ideas, tips and more.

 What you’ll receive:
  • Initial 60 min appointment so I can get a full picture of your dietary preferences
  • Personalised meal plan
  • Follow up 30 min appointment 1 week later, where you will receive your personalised meal plan and any supplement recommendations. I will explain everything and answer any questions
  • Access to my Easy Keto coaching app. This is your education hub where you will find  information about how your body works, lots of EASY recipes, shopping suggestions..  all the information you will need in one place
  • Follow up 30 minute appointment to keep you accountable. These can be face-to-face, via Zoom or telephone
  • Unlimited email support




Easy Keto 6 week
I’m in! What happens now?

If you know that my program is exactly what you need, you can book in your first 1 hour Naturopath appointment via thIis link.

However, if you’re still not sure or have a few questions (or just want to check that I’m not a weirdo), book in a 10 min chat with me. Provided we both agree that the Easy keto program is right for you, I’ll book in your first appointment.

Frequently asked questions
I don't have much time or energy to cook, can I still do this?

Yes! I aim to make your program EASY. I give you simple, quick recipes and meal ideas.

Do I have to drink shakes?

Nope! Real food is always better, I know I’d rather eat a steak with butter and salt.. mmm.. But if you do want shakes, I can put them in your meal plan and recommend some good brands.

What if I don't like the food on the meal plan?
This will never happen because I give you a list of foods to choose from and you decide what to eat. Easy!
What makes this program different from other online keto programs?
Most online programs are just a computer algorithm which gives everyone the same meal plan. My plans are tailored to each persons health and lifestyle, and you choose the foods you want to eat. And because I am also a qualified Naturopath, I will factor in your personal health issues.
Why do I need an Australian keto coach?

Most keto programs are not Australian, the food lists and recipes can be very different to what you are used to eating. Also, my program is charged in AUD not USD. (Beware of overseas websites that just put an AU in their website address). We can also chat on the phone if needed.

I have special dietary needs

They will be factored in to your plan! I give you lists of foods to choose from and YOU decide what you want to eat.

Where can I read more about Keto for Type 2 Diabetes?

Some names to research are Dr Sarah Hallberg, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Eric Westman, Dr David Ludwig, Ellen Davis and Prof Roy Taylor.

I have more questions before I commit
No problem! Feel free to book in a phone call with me. Just go to my booking page here: and select “PHONE – Complimentary 10 min chat”

You can also email me at:

What is your refund policy?
If you change your mind, I offer a full 100% refund up until 24hrs after I have received your intake questionnaire. After that time, work will have begun on your plan and you are no longer entitled to a full refund if you change your mind. Please read my full Terms & Conditions here: